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468 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. 90210

Advanced Marketing System can help you meet your home selling Goal. 
It will get your property sold quickly and for the highest possible price.

Broker for the Entire West Los Angeles  Areas:  Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Air, Century City,  Westwood, Cheviot Hills, Rancho Park, Pacific Palisades,  Santa Monica,Topanga and  Malibu. 
Your property with multiple photos, video, its own web site and marketing materials will be available for consumers searching 24/7 locally, nationally and Globally on familiar website such as the MLS, Zillow, Redfin, Trullia & other international sites.  Marketing materials will be sent to the surrounding neighbors, in many cases they are familiar with clients interested to buy in their neighborhood.  All possible and available marketing options are utilized.  
Corporation with other brokers in the industry is as important.  Sarit Finkelstein puts her clients interest first and will market to all local and out of area broker communities, post ads in the MLS magazine and homes magazines in the interest to achieve the best qualified client and  encourage best possible price for your property.  

  Let me help you get the Maximum Exposure and Maximum
Value for your Home!



Let me help you buy a new home in the Communities Rich in History, Excellent Schools, Magnificent Views, Waterfront Property, Gorgeous Real Estate!

 Sarit Finkelstein, The West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Specialist.


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In addtion to the most valuable and maximum exposure of your property in the 24/7 internet marketing the following are offered:


*        Personal Involvement:


1.         You will get my personal involvement and presence at all times  including at the open houses.   As you must know, a lot of the agents will send their assistants or others. Most people when hire a broker wish to know that he or she will be conducting the business personally to assure a professional and fast sale of their home.


2.         I am very detailed and particular when it comes to paper work and always keep up to date on the latest Department of Real Estate and  Local Boards rules, regulations and requirements.  Your transaction will go smoothly with least amount of involvement on your side during the Escrow.


*        Advanced Technology :International and national exposure of your property thru the Internet and e-mail. I am personally connected to the Internet and have a personal e-mail address and a web-site which is linked to all the Real Estate Networking and Internet sites. 


  1. Buyers  looking for a house in Beverly Hills or Brentwood, Bel Air, etc. can link directly to my site without having to look at hundreds of properties first and may be eventually find your home. 
  2. I update my links on a regular basis to always be one of the firsts on the list of search.
  3. I provide the maximum amount of photos possible as well as a virtual tour of the house (360 degrees).  
  4. This system allows your house to be exposed to local, national and international buyers. 
  5. I am a computer literate and therefore can manage your property on the net on a superior level with maximum exposure at no cost to you.  
  6. Your house can be located  by most search engines on my site, which I am connected to. 
  7. My site is also linked to all the standard  Real Estate sites.
  8. I will e-mail the information of your house together with the virtual tour and photos to all potential buyer,  key people in the community which know of buyers and all  real estate brokers specializing in high end properties form all the major companies.  I have lived in the West side of Los Angeles for over 35 years, have been involved in the community and I am well acquainted in the Beverly Hills West Los Angeles areas potential buyers.
  9. I will also e-mail the information of your property together with the virtual tour and photos and your personal web site internationally to major companies and brokers.
  10. I will enter your property information on sites directly which are not broker oriented, but they certainly are buyer oriented.  Most  brokers do not know of those sites or will not spend  so much time to enter your property on so many possible locations.
  11. I will provide potential buyers with a disc. of the virtual tour, photos of the property during open house.  I will also provide this to  potential buyers which do not wish to use/can not use  the net, only the computer.
  12. Your property will be on line with all the Real Estate links in existence  in the United States zand exposed internationally. 

*          Speak Multiple Languages helps market your property: Beneficial to International marketing. Attracting a wider range of clientele also nationally and locally.  Additional languages are Hebrew, Romanian, Spanish. 


*        Personality: I am easy to get along with and people fell   comfortable around me.  I have the talent to attract  potential buyers to your property.  I have storng  negotiating and marketing skills. 

Because of  my Architectural background, I demonstrate superior qualification in professional presentation of your property,  provide design ideas for potential buyers. To Buyers, I am convincing, and persuasive.

*          Repetitive clientele: Once Clients work with me they stay with me throughout the years.  Most of my clients are or become my good friends.  See testimonials  


*        M.L.S. (Multiple listing Service): I am a  member of the Greater Los Angeles and Beverly Hills  board, and engage in their activities and networking . Your property will be advertised the MLS, whereby only brokers/agents have access to.


*        Hardcopy Advertisement:  Your property will be advertised in misc. media publications, Homes Magazine, Caravan Express .  I will provide color brochure for the potential buyers.  Additionally, your home will be advertised in additional publication as deemed necessary, such as, local newspapers, other home magazines, Entertainment news papers such as  Variety &  Hollywood Reporter.  Keep in mind that too much repetitive advertisement in one publication is not a good sign for Buyers.  They often wonder, if there is something wrong with the house since it has not sold yet.


*        Invite the Entire Brokers Community:  I will send a flyer to each and every broker in the community and the west side area and outside the area in their personal mailing box to notify them of the open house and the property in general.


*         I worked in the most exclusive offices of major companies such as Coldwel Banker Beverly Hills North (also Jon Douglas), Fred Sands Brentwood, Re/Max Beverly Hills and Beach Properties and awarded  Top Producer Re/Max  West Los Angeles  Residential/Investment/Commercial offices:    I built up great relationships and continue to network with the agents in those offices.  I will assure that they are familiar with   your property immediately once your property is made available for purchase.


*        Jon Douglas/Coldwell Banker:  I worked in this company in their number one office in Beverly Hills, specializing in high end residential properties.  I have lots of friends and know all the agents in this office.  They will all be given information about your property and I will personally invite all of them to the open house.


*        Fred Sands:  I worked in this company when I first started the Real Estate Career.  I am familiar with all the agents and as well will distribute information on your property and personally invite all the agents to the open house.      


*        Invite potential buyers and neighbors:  I will send post card to all the potential buyers and neighbors to notify them of the open house and that the house is out on the market for sale.  Many times neighbors are looking for homes for sale for their friend and relatives, to come and live close to them.


*        Group Recognition:        I am involved,  contribute and participate in over a dozen organizations. Some professional and some charity.  I am the past president of B'nai B'rith Shalom Unit.  I will prospect for buyers in all of these organizations, and send them post cards and invite them to the open house. Some of the organizations are: AIPAC, B’nai-B’rith, Jewish Federation, Israel Bonds, Yad B’yad, Chabad, Hadassah, Wizo, Ort, Save a heart foundation, American Society for the Technion, Moriah Society-Real Estate Council, Sinai Temple, and others.


*          Host open houses for brokers: Network with all brokers from all offices and companies by  hosting  open house for brokers.  Open house is between the hours of 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on Tuesdays.   Permission and coordination by you will be necessary.  I will provide Lunch and Refreshments at the Grand opening.


*          Host Sunday Open Houses for the Public: The property will be advertised for open house in the MLS, all internet sites such as Zillow, Redfin and Trullia, possible local Homes magazine and Caravan Express.  I will personally  host  these open houses.  Permission and coordination by you for the above will be necessary.


*          By Appointment Visitation: I will personally bring the potential buyers to  preview your  property.  Scheduling will be coordinated to your convenience unless your property is vacant.



Sarit Finkelstein Real Estate Broker,
The West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Specialist

Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Air, Sunset Plaza, Century City, Westwood, Cheviot Hills, Rancho Park, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Topanga and Malibu 

office:  310-601-3073  cell:  310-612-6777 

468 N. Camden Drive,  Beverly Hills, CA.  90210